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Did you come across job advertisements that speak about hands-on experience in WordPress? Is this the reason that prevents you from applying for such lucrative positions? If yes, then it is high time to enroll your name in the WordPress course by Once you are done with mastering the art, you will be ready to apply for the same desperately. Below you will find more information about Free WordPress Course with Certificate.

Learn WordPress Development online with courses

What Makes WordPress Highly Demandable?

WordPress being a free and open-source CMS is paired with MySQL database. Some of the lucrative features include a template system and plug-in architecture. Originally, it was created as a blog publishing system. With time, WordPress has successfully evolved for supporting other types of web content that include:

  • Traditional mailing lists
  • Membership sites
  • Learning management systems
  • Online stores and many more.

Today, millions of websites are being built and designed with the help of WordPress. With its high demand, if you are successful in gaining proficiency in this particular skill; then it will prove your resume.

WordPress is Easy-to-Use

Despite WordPress being highly flexible and a highly powerful platform, it is easy to usage. Whether you are a beginner or an experience, the platform is inclusive of a simple dashboard with variable menus for customization. You will not only be able to create exclusive posts, add a menu for navigation and customize website design.

Regarding back-ups and updates, you will be able to tackle the same provided you are having basic knowledge. Regarding security, you will come across some best practices provided you have undergone the right type of training. Regardless of your qualifications, having the right type of skills will let you stand ahead in the crowd.

PHP for WordPress is a Highly Demandable Training Session

If you are looking forward to taking your career ahead and proving yourself in the interview, then it is high time to opt for the PHP for WordPress course by As clear by the name, this course will introduce some core topics that are required for practicing PHP for further development in WordPress.

WordPress being a software package that is based on PHP, is highly demandable. Without knowing PHP, it will become difficult to carry on with the further operations related to WordPress. Hence, it is essential to master PHP to the best of your knowledge for future convenience.

free wordpress course with certificate

Essentiality of Understanding Core PHP for WordPress

PHP is a highly popular coding language that is inclusive of some grammar. In technical terms, it is referred to as syntax. Also, it is inclusive of some vocabulary that must be co-related to the codebase and functional library. Undergoing a short training will help in the easy grasping of these details, thus making your learning session highly enjoyable.

If you are having an in-depth interest in WordPress theme development, then it is advisable to have a detailed understanding of the PHP code base for WordPress. Enrolling in this course will give an insight into some of the basic concepts of PHP followed by the way WordPress can be implemented with PHP. 

This specific course module will exclusively streamline your overall learning, thus providing a tone of examples to work on. The examples that you will be coming across will help in clearing all your basic concepts from scratch.

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Is Certification Mandatory?

Generally, most of the aspirants run after certification rather than learning the skills. Unfortunately, they conclude with something unexpected. Certification will be an added asset to your resume. But the right type of skill set will take you ahead for a long. Hence, it is advisable to concentrate on skills rather than running after a certificate.

From functions to operators, every concept will help in coming up with an exclusive-looking website through WordPress. During the technical round, you will be asked about some of these basics without which, you will hardly be able to move ahead. So, hurry up! Enroll today, attend live sessions and work on projects to enhance your level of confidence to a further level.

Wrapping Up! Enrolling in PHP for WordPress course will help in making one ready for high-paid jobs post the pandemic. At, you will be able to come across the best and latest course modules at free-of-cost. As it is a home-based course, you need not leave the comfort of your home at any cost.

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