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Hi, Nilesh here. Welcome to my website! Whether you are a student or a professional, it is the right destination for you. Do you know that most of the businesses will find their way into the digital space by 2025. Hard to believe, right? 

But, how will this information help you? It provides you an insight into the type of career you would choose as a student or the suitable business as a professional. The initial step is to learn and gain expertise in this well known field of website development. I have curated a list of master courses just for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! 

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Who Am I ?

Nilesh Kumar Mangnani is a skilled website developer with an experience of 4+years in MNC. He has successfully gained 5 years of experience in wordpress due to his keen interest in exploring the online web. Through his excellent command on designing websites, he has helped over 100+ clients to move their business online and gain momentum. 

After the coronavirus pandemic hit the economy adversely, businesses suffered losses. Moreover, due to educational institutes shutting down temporarily, students lost track of their progress. Having witnessed the downfall of the economy, he commits to the vision of assisting businesses and learners to grow manifolds and achieve their goals. He looks forward to helping each one of you who is willing to learn and grow. 

For Students/Learners

Are you a student? Do you wish to pay your bills on your own?

If yes then here’s a good deal for you!

With our website development courses, you get to learn:

  1. How to make a website
  2. How to start your own web agency 

And that too, in just two simple steps. Kickstart your way to a successful online career today! 

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For Business Owners

If we take a look at the global scenario, then most of the businesses have moved online after the post pandemic era. Evidently because the number of online users and shoppers increased drastically. Well, it is a golden opportunity to grab those customers for your business, if not now then when? Either you can hire our team for this purpose or enroll in our courses where you get to learn how to set up your own business online. 

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