Can WordPress handle heavy traffic?

You might be feeling great when a lot of visitors are coming to your website; however, this might prove to be harmful to the success of your site in the long run. While running WordPress, it must be known to you that your site might find it difficult to load in case the traffic becomes quite heavy out there. In this article, we have given you an insight into whether can WordPress handle heavy traffic or not.

How is traffic going to hurt?

Let us take the example of a physical outlet in order to get a fitting reply to this question. Suppose some customers are browsing the items in your store and they depart without buying anything at all. On the other hand, others might leave your store after browsing the items, and come back once again to purchase any items of their choice.

However, you might be facing issues when there are more browsers as compared to the paying customers. You might be investing a lot of time to look after those who like to purchase something. In that case, there is every possibility for your paying customers to reach out to your rivals after leaving your store.

This kind of situation is also applicable to your website. As a business owner, you definitely want lots of people to come to your store and start browsing so that at least some of them can be converted into sales in the future. But the problem can start when there is too much traffic and your website is unable to handle it. In that case, your paying customers will leave your site in favor of your rivals.

It is the tendency of all the customers to see your site loading within a few seconds. However, if it fails to do so they will be looking somewhere else.

Can WordPress handle heavy traffic

Which hosting plan will be appropriate for you?

It is important to take into consideration the server where your website is stored while figuring out whether it will be able to handle the traffic. A shared hosting platform will be something you should watch out for while doing so.

Besides your website, there will be many other websites on a server when it comes to shared hosting. All these websites are going to share the various resources available out there. Any particular site will use up a significant portion of the resources in case it ends up receiving heavy traffic. In this situation, it will not be possible for your site to handle a lot of traffic and it will slow down comprehensively.

A virtual private server will be the proper solution for your site for handling heavy traffic. And the good thing is that it is quite affordable as well.

A virtual private server is going to be partitioned as compared to a shared server which will allow every website to use resources that have been allotted exclusively for it. This will reduce the loading time of the site much to the satisfaction of the visitors who are visiting the site.

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Is a VPS better for optimizing your site?

You can also optimize your WordPress website so that it is able to handle heavy web traffic. This can be done by avoiding the use of templates and themes that make use of videos and images. You may likewise limit the use of plug-ins for getting the best results. Thus, you can make your WordPress handle heavy traffic by resorting to a virtual private network and also optimizing the site in the best possible way.

Why should you learn WordPress?

WordPress happens to be a free program. We should learn WordPress development given that it is one of the main tools which are used for creating other sites and blogs for free. Your blog is responsible for the prosperity of your business to a great extent. You will also come across lots of tutorials on the Internet that will help you to learn WordPress free.

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