What’s New in WordPress 6 (WordPress Tutorials)

The WordPress 6 release, which took place on May 24, 2022, was the year’s second significant update to the core WordPress software. The new version of WordPress, version 6.0, offers more than 500 improvements and 400 bug fixes that are designed to make the process of developing content and websites with WordPress even more enjoyable.

In this piece, we will dissect what is new and significant in WordPress 6.0 so that you can make the most of the most recent release of WordPress.

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Why WordPress is so Popular? 

One of the most widespread misunderstandings concerning WordPress is the notion that it is merely a platform for blogging. However, WordPress is capable of so much more. WordPress was initially designed as a tool for blogging; however, it has since developed into a complex content management system as well as a strong website builder (CMS). One of the best things about WordPress is how simple it is to use and how adaptable it is to a wide variety of various kinds of websites. That is the primary explanation for why WordPress has gained so much popularity in recent years. 

Improvements and additions to the full editing function of the site

When this significant new feature was first made available in earlier editions, full site editing caused quite a commotion among users. You will be able to accomplish even more with full site editing thanks to the enhancements made in WordPress 6.0, which continue to build upon the foundation that was established in version 5.9. In order to take use of full site editing, you will need to utilize a theme that is based on blocks, such as Twenty-Twenty-Two, which is provided by WordPress.

Style variations and global style switcher

The WordPress community as a whole is really enthusiastic about this new tool that was added to the Site editor. You’ll have access to a variety of different themes, each of which is developed from a single theme but features different color and font options. It’s kind of like having numerous child themes, but all of those child themes are incorporated into a single parent theme. In addition, it is quite simple to implement a new style variant over the entirety of your website. One click is all it will take from this point forward for you to give your website an entirely new appearance and experience. 

Theme export capability

The capacity to export block themes is yet another significant step forward for full site editing in particular and the WordPress platform as a whole more generally. You have the ability to save and convert to a .zip file any templates, layouts, and style modifications that you made. This function is extremely important since it paves the way for the creation of visual themes. You don’t need to do anything else but use Gutenberg blocks in order to develop a WordPress theme. And naturally, you don’t need to know how to code in order to use it!

You can export your theme by going to your Site editor and clicking on the icon that looks like three dots in the upper right corner of your screen. A menu that includes the possibility to download your theme ought probably pop up at this point.

Fresh templates to be used

It is wonderful to be able to use templates to develop the content of your website and to personalise those templates because it helps you save time. In earlier versions of WordPress, we were able to use templates in our work, but the alternatives were more constrained. This is expanded upon in WordPress 6.0, which also includes the introduction of a number of new templates for various functions. Among them are templates for presenting posts that come from a particular author, category, time, label, or taxonomy.

List view enhancements

Instead of displaying all of the content at once as was done in earlier versions of WordPress, the list view in version 6.0 will show your blocks organised into groups that can be collapsed individually. Because of this, surfing the list view will be a lot less difficult. In addition to this, if you are currently working on a page while the list view is open, and you click anywhere on the page, it will highlight exactly where you are in the list view. This improvement ought to be appreciated by everybody who works on complicated pages on a daily basis.

Instruments for design and page layout

Although we won’t be delving too deeply into the enhancements that have been made to design and layout tools, we do believe the following two innovations are noteworthy enough to warrant a mention. The first one is a control for the background’s transparency, which is a feature that comes in quite handy when you wish to use a backdrop with columns. 

If you are able to utilise this function, you will undoubtedly improve the overall style of your posts. The gap support for the gallery block is the next exciting feature that will be added to WordPress 6.0. Simply put, this indicates that you have more control over the space between your photographs, allowing you a little bit more leeway in determining how you want your image gallery to be presented. These two brand-new features are available to everyone, but those who manage websites devoted to photography or fashion are likely to get the most use out of them.

Final Thoughts 

There is a constant turnover of website builders. Even the most popular ones can go away at any time. A detail about WordPress that is not widely recognised is that the company does not have a chief executive officer. The WordPress Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring that WordPress continues to develop and expand, is in charge of protecting the WordPress name.

WordPress is supported by a large community that includes tens of thousands of users, software developers, and local businesses. They work together to ensure that WordPress will be around for the long haul by ensuring its continued existence. Get WordPress 6 today to make your website more appealing by making use of all the new features and enhancements.