How to Make A Website in WordPress

The 21st century has been an era of technological upgradation. Various software programs and gadgets have been developed that have significantly improved the human lifestyle, making it more comfortable. Brands and E-commerce businesses have evolved today due to various marketing techniques developed over the digital platforms. Unlike traditional times when the physical mode was the only way to purchase commodities, today shoppers can easily avail of a service or buy a product from a brand website. 

Making a website is not as difficult as it looks. Discussed below are some steps on how to develop a website of your own on WordPress. Alternatively, you can also visit our youtube channel. 

Select a domain name

Finding a domain name that reflects what services your brand offer is important. A domain name becomes the name and identity of your brand. That is why one must always choose it after proper thought. Ensure that the domain name you are looking to register has not already been taken by some other firm. It is advised to keep it short and easy to memorize so it easily imprints in customers’ minds. 

Define your website 

A brand is only as good as its website. Unless your website does not reveal what your business offers, it is good for nothing. Choose a niche that is covered under your brand’s scheme of things and market it on your website as creatively as possible. It will help create opportunities for your brand growth. 

Register the domain name

Registering your domain name gives you legal authority to be the rightful owner of the website under that domain. However, to do so, there are two terminologies you should be clear with, i.e. the web host and the domain registrar. The function of a domain registrar is to deal with purchasing and registering domains. A web host is useful for hosting and running your website, on a major scale. It is important to not mix their roles. To learn more about WordPress, you can subscribe to our channel on youtube. 

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Decide The Site Type 

It is important to know the purpose that your website will serve before choosing the right platform to create it. In general, WordPress is the most popular website creation platform due to its flexibility and simple-to-use functions. More than 30% of the websites present on the Internet have been made via WordPress. 

Despite the high functionalities, WordPress too has its limitations. The platform is not suggested for creating business or e-commerce websites. Instead, it is an excellent platform for bloggers due to its inherent blogging tool. One may also use it to create portfolios. 

Get a host

After you create a website, you have to ensure that the contents of the same are stored at some place. Having a good website alone does not suffice the entire process of brand image creation. Hiring a web host that hosts or stores your website information and makes it accessible to the viewers online is important. A popular web host that offers its services at reasonable rates is Bluehost. 

Install WordPress

Once you know the purpose of creating a website, the next step comes is to install it on your PC. To install WordPress on your computer system, the Bluehost allows you one-click installation. 

This web host is easy to connect to. This makes it an efficient tool to store and make information available for the audience online. For a more detailed guide, you can check our youtube videos on, how to install WordPress tutorials.

Choose the WordPress theme

Not only the content but the appearance too holds a significant value in building a good website. Add themes that go well with your brand identity and aid in improving the UX and UI  of your websites.

WordPress offers some great themes for free in-built that you can select from for your website. Remember to tune your content based on the theme set-up. 

Install WordPress plug-ins

Plug-ins are additional pieces of software that provide new features and functions for pre-existing applications or sites. These plug-ins are used by websites to add to their list of functions and features in the longer run. Plug-ins are PHP scripting language programs.

Installing plug-ins in WordPress enhances their capability and works best for the long-term benefits of your website.

Publish the WordPress site

Once you are ready with a website that is integrated with a web host, perfect theme and add-on features now it is time to add your content.

Prepare interesting and attractive content for your readers online. To increase your reach and shares on social media, ensure quality content goes on your website. Also, the content should be posted at consistent intervals of time.  

Back up the site

Having plan B is important fo, similarly having the backup of all your content from the website is important as your content is the most valuable thing.

If by any chance you can’t back up your content, go to your web host for help.


The present era has been an era of progress. Today, people rely heavily on technology and gadgets for their daily needs. Further, the rise in demands of these advancements shows the popularity of digital platforms. Having a good command & visibility over the internet is important to grab the attention of users. There are many ways to establish visibility on the web. 

Nowadays, many individuals post their thoughts and views as blogs on the internet. Blogging has been in trend in recent years. The platform WordPress is the best option for this purpose. The reason being its user-friendly features for bloggers and content writers. Blogging is a great way to share one’s opinions and connect with a larger community.

All kinds of audiences from students to the working class use WordPress for various purposes. It is easy to create a website through this platform by following some simple steps. You can know more about WordPress on our YouTube channel. 

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