Will WordPress host My Website

Will WordPress Host My Website? Check out here!

Currently WordPress power 40 per cent of the web for making the most creative way to create websites. If you want to run a WordPress site then you need to have three things must. Such as the WordPress software, the website content and WordPress hosting. The WordPress hosting will be able to provide some storage for all that code you need to have. Nowadays WordPress offers web hosting directly from their website and there are limitations to using your website. In the next paragraph you will come to know Will WordPress host My Website.

Will WordPress host My Website

The answer is yes! WordPress does provide hosting and WordPress has both free and paid available plans. You can choose as you want. And if you directly host on WordPress.com, then you do not need to bear any costs and also do not need to purchase any separate domain name there. WordPress automatically will be installed and keep up to date for you. There are also paid plans with some limitations. The tool, themes, plugins that you will access will be limited as well.

The language involved in WordPress development

Some basic languages and libraries are used by WordPress are HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, React, jQuery etc. So if you are want to good developer then you have to be good at these languages. If you want to be a WordPress developer then you have to know PHP. Though not every WordPress developer knows the WordPress architecture as well. There are guides on WordPress codex that will be very helpful to those who want to learn libraries, classes and functions as well.

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WordPress development step by step

It is very important to learn WordPress development step by step for beginners. Here are some steps are given below that will be very helpful to those who want to learn WordPress development step by step.  

  • First, you need to learn the basic things about WordPress. Such as WordPress dashboard, media, post and pages, install themes, customise theme options, change the plugin settings, general settings and other things. So learning the basic things will help you to understand and learn more things easily and quickly.
  • Then start with HTML pages. Learn how to create a new HTML page with some images and links. And you can try with layout with headers, sidebar, footer and content as well.
  • Now learn the uses of CSS to change the layout and style of the elements of any page. First, start with changing the colour and fronts of the heading, then the height of the image and background of that page and other options using CSS. Then learn the basic option of the CSS to improvise your works.
  • Learn the uses of JavaScript and add scroll to the top kind of interaction to the page. For that, you need to learn some basic options of JavaScript as well.
  • Then learn the use of jQuery and its basic options.
  • Next, create a basic webpage using the Bootstrap UI framework.
  • Then learn the basic information about PHP and MySQL and their uses to submit a registration form.
  • Learn how to create a post table and display it on the blog page.
  • Then you need to learn how to create basic WordPress themes and for that, you need to understand the folder structure as well.
  • Add a new sidebar and learn to customise the admin area.
  • Then upload the newly created theme to WordPress.org to get approved.

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WordPress for freelancing

It is very essential to learn WordPress for freelancing.  If you want to know how freelancers work on WordPress? Then the answer is, as a freelancer you can able to create your profile and set the profile as you want. So that you can able to create your technical resume. To be a good freelancer you must need to learn WordPress first.


Nowadays WordPress is becoming a very popular CMS. So these are the steps that may help you to understand and learn WordPress development. And we are here to help you and guide you if you want to learn and gather some knowledge about WordPress. Our experienced guide will surely show you the right path. Here you can get various courses and classes where you can learn more about WordPress.

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