Learn WordPress Development Step by Step

Learn WordPress Development Step by Step Guide

WordPress as open-source software is free of cost in terms of usage. While on your way to search, you may come across a wide range of options having limited access time. Some are even having access too! In comparison to others, WordPress has proved to be a great option. In this Article you will Learn WordPress Development Step by Step.

WordPress is Easy-in-terms of Usage

Are you worried about the hard stuff that is related to the creation of a website using WordPress? Relax! For your kind information, using WordPress is very much easy. As about ninety percent of hosting companies are known for supporting this particular technology, its usage is a small piece of cake.

The companies have some specific hosting options related to WordPress that permit easy installation of software automatically against a few clicks. Hence, the building of a website followed by executing the same within a few minutes is much better and easy. Signing up for some hosting packages will make it easy to run the website as desired.

Programmers can Easily Modify the Plugins

One more astonishing feature associated with WordPress is that the code can be easily changed by the programmers as per need. It is an open-source content management system that makes it easy for the users to have a better understanding of the plugin. Hence, as a programmer, you will be able to come up with a unique site of your choice.

After coming across some of the remarkable benefits associated with WordPress, why not give some time in grasping the skill? If you are keenly interested to learn about the best way to learn WordPress for freelancing, then below is a step-by-step guide that will help you in the best possible manner.

Learn WordPress Development step by step

An Amazing Step by Step Guide to Learn WordPress – Learn WordPress Development Step by Step

If you are eager to learn WordPress development step by step, then first and foremost it is essential to have a firm grip on some of the technical languages. The vital ones include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. Having an overall knowledge regarding each of these languages, it will become easy to gauge the most suitable program code for the desired output.

As these four languages are meant exclusively for web development, having basic exposure will help in coming up with a suitable output.

Having Knowledge about Server-Side and Client-Side

Another important concept about which you must have a crystal clear idea is having great exposure to the client-side and server-side concepts. Client-side refers to the processes that will take place on the user’s computer system. Server-side refers to the processes that will take place on a web hosting site.

Based on this concept, you will be able to program for the actions exclusively. Also, there will be lower chances of repeating mistakes. Knowledge of supplying and getting information from databases like WordPress and MySQL is also equally important. You must also know about making requests for resources from HTML to image files, as they are vital parts of website development.

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Having Fundamental Knowledge on the Hooks System of WordPress – Learn WordPress Development Step by Step

The hooking system associated with WordPress seems to be a bit confusing from far, but it is overall interesting. As you will be dealing with this particular system daily, it is essential to have high exposure to this concept on your way to learning WordPress development step by step.

You will need to hook any part of the functioning of WordPress followed by inserting the code. Two different types of hooks include:

  • Action hooks – Action hook is all about permitting the user to hook and taking mandatory action arbitrarily. It is inclusive of various actions like adding a cascading style sheet, running PHP code as required, and so on.
  • Filter hooks – Filter hooking is all about hooking in and making certain modifications as desired, before finalizing a web page. Filters will provide you with something to work with followed by requesting you to modify as required.

Having a proper understanding of the above-mentioned concepts will help in coming out with an appreciable WordPress theme. Once done, it will be good to register your name for an online course. There you will encounter lots and lots of projects that will help in enhancing your level of confidence at the best for betterment.

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