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Are you looking for some information about the latest WordPress update? Let’s check out here! WordPress 5.9 Features

The new WordPress 5.9 was published in January, and now you may want to know about this new version! Right? In this article, we will discuss some new features of this new version and some vital facts as well. To continue reading this article will help you to know more information that can be helpful for you. As per the developer, this is one of the busiest releases that every single person wants to know more about this big update. In this new version, there are so many changes and amazing new features as well.

All About WordPress - WordPress 5.9 features

WordPress 5.9 and its features

So this new 5.9 updated version is here now and all new features are very impressive. You may notice an update notification in your dashboard. Just try it and enjoy all the new features. Here are some WordPress 5.9 features are given below that may help you to understand all features very well.

  • New themes: When even WordPress developers release a new version, there you will find new default themes. Like every time, in this new version, you also get so many new themes that are mind-blowing. And this time, the new update is full of new features that you will have fun using. Besides this, all themes have come in so many colours and designs.
  • Site editor: In the new version, the full site editor is one of the most interesting changes. By using it, you can able to edit your full site from the inside. For users, it seems very impressive. But you need to remember that this site editor will only work if you use block-based themes. The new site editor feature can edit site-wide blocks, site titles, navigation systems and many others.
  • UX and UI improvement and other options: Like the new theme and full site editor, some new UX / UI changes are very interesting as well. Such as you can find some more options on the sidebar, you just need to click on the options button. The options will allow you to add more customization as you want to, including colours, borders and so many other elements. Explore each of them.
  • The style: Another new feature is the style panel. You just need to click on the half-moon point in the top right corner of the editor and can access it. By using it, you can able to set the colour, design, layout and so many other things for your website. This is very user friendly that every single person can able to access it without any technical knowledge.
  • Navigation block: With so many new features, you can able to find this new feature as well and it calls, navigation block. It will allow you to use the navigation menu anywhere on your page. You just need to click on the block and add it to your page and again click on the select menu and that’s it.
  • Pattern library for a particular design
  • Special theme blocks: In this new 5.9 version, you will get so many new theme blocks that you can use and besides this, the older blocks have been improved.
  • Select language: In the 5.9 new version, you will find so many languages choosing options on WordPress sites. So that, users can able to select the language as they want to.
  • General performance: With so many new features, 5.9 came with impressive general performance updates as. Most of the updates are very interesting and enjoyable.
WordPress 5.9 features

WordPress Development

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